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professional female voiceover artist with headphones and microphone
Voiceover Etiquette: Good relationships for remote recording

Twenty-first-century voiceover recording has evolved. Previously a voiceover artist, filmmaker and end client (amongst others) would gather together in a recording studio to record a voice track to a film, corporate video or audiobook. In recent years, technology has altered the process. Now, the whole thing can happen remotely and in a fraction of the […]

voiceover artist in a suit
6 Considerations to Achieve the Best Tone for a Corporate Video

You may be planning a corporate video for any one of several reasons. Perhaps it is for sales, training, recruitment or B2B marketing. In order to achieve the results that you seek, the tone of your finished piece must be on point. You will set the tone through both visual and audio aspects of the […]

male voice over artist
Reading aloud: 7 tips for scripts that sound great

Identifying a voice with the perfect tone for your project is only part of the story. To enable that voice artist to achieve an audio recording that meets your expectations, you must provide them with a great script. By putting in the extra effort when structuring your script, you will be able to get the […]

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