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Why can I select more than one artist for a job?

Because some clients might be in a rush to get a voice over or might have to record it at a certain time, the VoxXpress website allows you to give us a shortlist of artists in order of preference. That way we’ve got a better chance of getting you an appointment at the time you want.

Why can I select more than one appointment time for a job?

Artists do their best to keep us up to date with when they can work but they can’t tell us everything so the more options you give them, the more chance there is we’ll be able to get you an appointment.

Why do I have to supervise the session over the phone?

You don’t. You can choose not to but we strongly recommend you do for many reasons. Firstly it means you can make sure the read is in the right style for your project. It also means you can make sure industry specific words are pronounced correctly. Finally if your client also calls in then there are no surprises for anyone when you get the final file.

What happens if I’m not happy with my file?

Once you’ve paid and downloaded your file, you get 7 days to make sure you’re happy. If you’re not, contact the artist using Voxmail on your dashboard and they’ll do their best to help out. If you can’t resolve the issue with the artist, let is know there’s a problem by clicking the ‘Report a problem’ button on the feedback page. We’ll then look in to it and get back to you.

I can’t find the type of voice I like, what should I do?

Drop us an email and tell us what you’re after. We’ll see what we can do!

I can’t see my type of project in the project type drop down.

Drop us an email with what your project is and we’ll get you the correct rate.

Why do I have to pay a booking fee?

The VoxXpress booking fee covers the cost of contacting our artists and some of our transaction fees. It also means we only bother our artists when we know you’re serious. However if we couldn’t get you an appointment, you get all your money back.

Why do I have to pay before I download the file?

VoxXpress is designed to be quick, efficient and low cost. Charging at the point of download means you we don’t have to spend energy and resources chasing invoices. Also our artists give us preferential rates because they know they will be paid very quickly. You will have already heard the performance when you dialled into the session, so you know what you’re getting and if you did have a problem, you have 7 days to get back to us and we’ll do our best to get it sorted.

Why can’t I just call the artist direct?

Using our conference call system means, your client and others can all be in on the call. It also means we have a record of how long the call took and can listen back to the call if there was an issue.

What if I want to send the artist a reference video or some music?

The best thing to do if you want to show the artist a video or some music for reference is to put the Internet link in the project style field on the project details page. Please note however our advertised prices do not include adding a voice to music or pictures.

What if I need some help adding my voiceover to music or pictures?

There are plenty of video and audio production companies around that will be able to help you but you may want to try our sister company POV Productions (

I found an artist on the site before, and now they’re not listed

This could be that the artist is away or on a long job that means they cannot undertake a voiceover at the moment. If you’d really like to work with this particular artist, drop us an email and we’ll see if we can help.

Why do I have to paste my script into the website?

File formats such as Word can contain viruses and malicious code, by pasting your script directly into web page we sidestep any potential issues. It also means we can give the script a word  count and check you’ve booked the correct length of session.

I don’t have a Paypal account, how can I pay?

You don’t need a PayPal account to pay for our service just a credit or debit card. Just click ‘Don’t have a PayPal account’ when you get to the PayPal screen.

I can only download the clip on the search results not the other clips on the profile page.

If you would like to download a clip on the profile page, put that style into the search page and your artist will appear with that style of clip on the search results. You can then download the clip.

The script has changed since I made the booking, how do I send it to the artist?

Log into your dashboard and click on the project in your ‘Live Projects’ tab then click the script update button.

I need to ask the artist something before the session. How do I email them?

You can use VoxMail, our internal mail system, just log into your dashboard, click on the project in the ‘Live Projects’ section then click on VoxMail. The message box at the bottom of the screen will allow you to contact the artist.

Why can’t I move up and down the artist profile page on my mobile or tablet?

To scroll up and down the profile page on IOS you need to use two fingers.

I’ve lost my PIN

You will get an email with your PIN number for your conference call in it. You can also get your pin by logging into your dashboard and selecting your project under ‘Live Projects’.

Where’s my invoice?

You can print your invoice for a particular job by logging into your dashboard and selecting the project under ‘Completed Projects’. Then clicking ‘Payment & Invoices’.

There is no continue / confirm button appearing on the confirmation screen

This button is generated by Paypal and sometimes doesn’t appear. Try using a different browser and / or device and check that Paypal hasn’t been blocked by your firewall. If you’re still experiencing issues, give us a call.

Can you invoice us and we’ll pay later?

Out artists give us preferential rates because they get paid once a job is complete. Unfortunately we couldn’t offer the rates we do if we gave credit so payment is via credit card or Paypal at the point of booking and download.

Paypal is saying my address is incorrect

This is almost certainly an issue with address you are entering into Paypal being different to the one associated with your card. If you have any payment issues, the best thing to do is contact your credit card company and Paypal.

I’m having trouble paying in Paypal

The best thing to do if you are having issues paying, is to contact your credit card company and Paypal.

Are there international dial in numbers?

Yes, to find the best number for you to call if you’re an artist or a client go to

How do I save my Invoice or Self Billed Invoice (SBI) as a file?

If you need your Invoice or SBI as a file, click the print button. When you see the printer window, on a Mac click on the ‘PDF’ button on the bottom left. Then select ‘Save as PDF’. On a PC select ‘Microsoft XPS Document Writer’ as your printer, then click the ‘Print’ button.

Why have all your prices gone up?

Our prices actually haven’t changed significantly since we launched in 2012. What did happen in April 2014 is that the default project type on the site changed from ‘Corporate (Internal Comms)’ to ‘Corporate (External Comms)’ which attracts the higher fee of £300. This was because a significant number of clients were miss categorising their projects as internal when they were external. If your project is for an internal audience, just click the ‘project type’ drop down, select internal and you’ll see the prices go back to £220.

Why does bold / underline disappear when I paste in my script?

So that our site can do a word count and to avoid macro viruses, clients paste their scripts into the site. This system does ignore formatting such as underline and bold. If you wish to emphasise a word the best solution is to CAPITALISE it.

(Artist) I cannot see the ‘Upload Button’

A recent update to Safari has blacked Flash on a site unless you specifically ask for it to be enabled. Click where the button would normally be and you will be asked if you would like to enable Flash. Once you accept, the button should appear.

(Artist) I have just received a reminder to update my availability but can’t find myself on the site.

We will only show an artist on the site if we know they are available. If you are receiving a reminder you haven’t set your availability, we don’t know you are available and so you will not be listed on the site. Log into your dashboard, set your availability and you will re-appear in the listings.

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