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Converting Local TVRs to National TVRs

When you or your agency book air time on UK television networks you will be given a figure of predicted TVRs (Television Ratings). This figure is based on the calculated audience your advert will reach. There are two types of TVR national and regional. If the figure you have been given is in national TVRs, select the ‘project type’ based on this figure.

However if you’re advertising regionally, your ratings will be expressed as regional TVRs and you’ll need to convert them into national TVRs by multiplying them by the following percentages which represent the share the region has of the network:

Border: 1.2% Central Scotland: 6%
East of England: 7.4% London: 20.1%
Midlands: 15.6% North East: 4.8%
Northern Ireland: 2.8% North Scotland: 2.1%
North West: 11.4% South & South East: 9.9%
South West: 3.0% Ulster (See N. Ireland)
Wales & West: 8.2% Yorkshire: 10.0%

So for example if you were buying airtime equivalent to 20 TVRs in the South & South East, the national figure would be:

20 X 9.9% = 1.98 TVRs


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