VoxXpress ArtistI produce a lot of ‘talking heads’ documentaries where the narrative is largely made up of interviews. In an ideal world your interviewees would tell the whole story. However, how many times have we said ‘put the question in the answer’ only to hear just the opposite when the cameras are running?

It’s human nature not to repeat the question. Many of us will go back and ask our interviewee to repeat the answer with context but there are times – for example if you’re short of time or the subject is sensitive – where you just don’t want to interrupt the flow. This is where voice over is your friend – indeed your lifeboat.

If used properly, voice over can get you out of trouble. For example, if you ask an interviewee:

“When did you first discover you liked collecting stamps?”

what you’d like them to say is:

“I first discovered I liked collecting stamps when I was 8 and I saw the variety of colours on different stamp designs.”

In the real world, what they might say is:

“when I was 8 and I saw the variety of colours on different stamp designs.”

Not ideal, but this is where your secret weapon, the voiceover, comes in. If you use a VO line like:

“John first discovered he liked collecting stamps when he was quite young….”

You can then launch into:

“I was 8 and I saw the variety of colours on different stamp designs.”

Hey presto! It’s a simple trick but it has got me out of lots of trouble and hopefully you’ll find it useful too.


Why clients aren’t searching for an artist.

by Leigh on November 10, 2016

Scenes_3-4-6One of the things that makes us unusual as a voiceover site is our background. Rather than voiceovers we come from a video production background. That means we have a different approach to how we believe our customers want to use the site.

Whilst most artists assume the more different styles they cram into their audio clips the better, we believe less is more. The reason is, customers are not looking for an artist. It sounds wrong doesn’t it!? It’s true though. Customers are looking for a performance and the two are totally different. Some of our artists are extremely diverse and can produce clips that sound like they came from different people. What our clients want is to be able to find the one clip from that artist that is what they are after. That is why we have set up the site the way we have.

So when you are searching for ‘calm’ or ‘sexy’ or ‘upbeat’ we will present you with clips that represent those adjectives rather than clips that have everything in them that you then have to wade through to find those performances. It’s a subtle difference but one we think makes our service that much more easy to find what you’re after.

conference callWe now live in a world where technologies such as Skype, Source connect and ISDN allow voiceover sessions to be monitored remotely at a very high quality. So why is it that at VoxXpress, although we can facilitate these technologies, if the client and artist want to use them, our normal mode of operation is to set up a conference call on a standard telephone line?

Why do we do this? Because sometimes old technology can be good technology and in our experience robustness is more important than quality when it comes to monitoring. Remember, the quality of the actual file you download will be full broadcast spec, this is just for checking performance and pronunciation.

These other technologies can be wonderful but you are reliant on a good quality internet connection and a smooth running computer at both ends. If that connection fails or some other software on your computer decides to slow down either machine at any point during a session, you have a big problem. Also you are assuming both the client and artist have these technologies. A lot of our clients don’t have the desire to invest the money and time in such technology.

Many more people have access to a telephone line than a fast internet connection which means a large percentage of the population on the planet can dial in. The result is a robust, very accessible system that allows not only our direct clients to dial in and supervise a session, but their clients where ever they are in the world to dial in too.

This has the knock on benefit of enabling instant feedback from the ultimate client where ever they are which in turn leads to dramatically less re-records after the session. It’s a different way of working and in our opinion a better way of working.

It doesn’t need to be so complicated

by Leigh on May 7, 2015

Booking a voiceoverAs well as being a founding partner of VoxXpress I run a small video production company. One of the main reasons I started VoxXpress was a constant frustration with the process of booking and recording a voiceover for my own projects. Voiceovers seem to be one of those commodities that are very hard to value. I would argue they can be a bit like jewellery where you can value an item more because you paid more for it rather than because it cost more to produce.

One of our founding principles was to make the pricing of our voiceovers fair and absolutely transparent and to that end, I believe we are still the only voiceover website that has prices on the first page of our site. Why is this so important? Well, because when you’re putting together a budget for a project and you need to know how much a voiceover is going to cost you don’t want to have long conversations with someone who’s asking things like ‘how many people are going to see your production?’, ‘where’s it going to be used?’ and worst of all -‘what’s your budget?’!

This takes time and you don’t always have the answers to these questions. What you want is a reliable figure you can plug into your spreadsheet. Then when you come to need said voiceover, you can come back to the site and book and record it without any surprises.

Sadly that’s not how other voiceover sources work and I believe it’s for that reason that our customers use us again and again.

Call us

by Leigh on March 2, 2015

chatYou may be forgiven for thinking that because you can do everything on the VoxXpress site from finding an artist through to booking an appointment and paying a session fee, that we don’t want to talk to our customers. The reality couldn’t be further from the truth. We love talking and if you need any help finding an artist or just some assistance using the site, we’re here to help.

No one knows our artists better than us so if you’ve got a delivery you need to match or a specific style or accent, email it across and we’ll take it as a personal challenge to find you what you are looking for.

Everything about the service is designed to save you time and money and if we can save you time by doing some of the donkey work for you, we’re happy to oblige.



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