Become a VoxXpress artist

Thank you for your interest in becoming a VoxXpess artist. Our artists are very important to us as they represent our business which is why we individually vet everyone before allowing them on the site. Currently we do not charge artists to be on this site; the only money we take is a percentage of the fee charged to the client once a job has been completed. That means we only make money if you do.

If you are thinking about applying to become a VoxXpress talent, the qualities we require are:

  • An excellent voice.
  • Extensive experience in recording scripts with the client’s direction or supervision.
  • The technical aptitude to be able to operate a home recording setup, edit down a voice performance and upload it to our site.
  • A VoxXpress approved recording setup.
  • A wired broadband connection.


Because of the way our service works, its also a requirement that artists are able to take direction over the phone whilst recording. This can be done either via a telephone patch, Skype or a headset. We are currently particularly keen to find artists who have regional accents and native foreign language speakers.

If you wish to proceed with an application, please fill in this online form on our sister site We will need you to tell us about your experience, your current recording set up and upload an example clip of your work. If we think you’re right for the site, you will receive an invitation to be part of the team next time we’re recruiting.

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