Why voiceover is a superpower

by Leigh on January 13, 2018

VoxXpress ArtistYou may think that being a voiceover artist is basically being paid to read out loud. In fact I do rib my voiceover friends by saying just that. I mean it’s not rocket science!

Much as it pains me to admit it, the reality is a good voiceover artist is so much more than that. It’s often said that there are a million ways to read a sentence and a good artist will instinctually know which one of those millions of deliveries is the correct one. They will interpret a piece of direction and give a client exactly what they’re after, sometimes even when the client doesn’t  know themselves.

They’ll also often be able to make helpful suggestions to improve a script if the client is open to constructive input.

This is why a professional voiceover artist will always get to that perfect delivery very quickly. I remember being asked to use an actress who wasn’t a voice artist for a voiceover on a project some years ago. We did get the performance I was after in the end but it took several hours and I know the same job would have taken a professional artist about 10 minutes.

For these reasons, we vet all the artists that apply to VoxXpress and make sure only professional, experienced artists are part of our service. So you have the confidence of knowing any artist you book with us will deliver consistently and do everything they can to ensure you get the best out of your session.

This is very important to us, particularly as a lot of our clients aren’t experienced voiceover producer. That’s when the voiceover superpowers come into their own.

As a client you need a voiceover artist to look after you, which is precisely what our artists do.  We know this because on every job booked through VoxXpress, clients are invited to feedback on the artist and the session. None of our artists have ever received less than four stars. That’s feedback from real clients on real jobs and it speaks volumes.

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